ECC Structure

ECC welcomes and values all people.  Our congregation as a whole is autonomous and independent but in a loose relationship with all other Disciples of Christ congregations.  Disciples congregations are fiscally independent, call their own ministers, and make their own decisions about property and buildings and ministries.

While the congregation as a whole votes to call a minister and votes on the annual budget and congregational officers, most things are taken care of by smaller groups.  These include:


12 Elders share responsibility for the spiritual health of the congregation.  They help lead worship, engage in some pastoral visitation, and discuss matters of importance to the spiritual health of our community.  Elders are elected for their spiritual maturity and serve as long as they are able and willing.  6 Elders at a time serve on the Church Board.

Elders 2014 Small Image


12 Deacons share responsibility for coordinating many of the tasks of congregational life — especially worship.   Every year we elect 4 deacons to serve a 3 year term.  Each Deacon is “on duty” for one month of the year, during which they coordinate the preparation & serving of communion, setting up for worship, cleaning up after worship, etc.  All Deacons serve on the church board for their 3 year term.


Former Board Chair Bob Frech with his grandson Grayson

Former Board Chair Bob Frech with his grandson Grayson

Every year in June the church selects officers to serve for the following program year (August 1-July 31).

2016-2017 ECC Officers:

Chair of the Congregation & Church Board:                          Mark Honeycutt

Vice-Chair of the Congregation & Church Board:               Andy Brown

Secretary of the Congregation & Church Board:                  Chelsea White

Treasurer of the Congregation & Church Board:                  Warren Avaritt

Church Board:

The Board handles most aspects of the “business” side of congregational life:  reviewing budgets, making financial decisions, approving new ministry ideas, etc.  The Board consist of 6 Elders, 12 Deacons, and any officers or committee chairs who are not already on as Elder or Deacon.  Thus the exact number of people on the Church Board varies from year to year, averaging around 20-25.   Board meetings are generally open to anyone who wants to attend.  Board meetings are scheduled for the 2nd Monday of odd months (January, March, May, July, September, and November) at 6:00 p.m.

Ministry Teams:

ECC tries to have as few meetings and committees as possible — we want to use our time in life-giving service rather than sitting in committee meetings.  So while we CALL them committees and committee chairs, what we really have are ministry teams with a ministry team leader (called a “committee chair”).  Each committee may only meet once or twice during the year — just enough to coordinate ministry in their area.  Current committees include:

Children’s Center:     Annie Neal

Christian Education:   Lauren Cromer

Fellowship Events:      Stacey Satchell

Member Care:                 William Aaron

Outreach:                        Ellie Preslar

Personnel:                       Steve Dickerson

Property:                         Dan Morrison

Stewardship:                  Tim Cromer

Pastor’s Cabinet:

The Cabinet serves as a think tank with the pastor to coordinate and envision our ministry programs.  The Cabinet consists of staff, committee chairs, and the Board Chair.  Cabinet meetings are scheduled for the 2nd Monday of even months (February, April, June, August, October, and December) at 6:00 p.m.

Service Teams:

The entire congregation is divided into 4 “Service Teams.”   Each Team is “on duty” for 3 months of the year.  “On duty” means helping with some of the basic chores of the church — setting up for meals, cleaning up after meals, and helping with the worship service.  Service Teams have 3 Elders and 3 Deacons each who coordinate the work and occasional get-togethers.   When you officially “join” the  church, you are assigned to a Service Team.   If you want to be assigned to a Service Team BEFORE officially joining the congregation, that is allowed — just contact the pastor.

Current Service Team assignments

Other Information and Instructions:

ECC Constitution
ECC Bylaws
Communion/Worship Service Prep and Clean-up Instructions