Last year, many of you dug deep and made big increases in your giving. Some of you made giving pledges for the first time, and some who were already giving generously found a way to give a little more. As a result of that generosity, we were able to significantly grow our church budget, add full time staff, and make much-needed repairs to our facilities.

We asked for a big leap last year. As we continue to grow, and continue to share our ministry, so too will our expenses. Which is why we have a stewardship campaign every year, to remind ourselves why our commitment to giving puts the church on a strong foundation, lets us spread our ministry, and continue to keep the proverbial (and actual) lights burning.

The goal of giving 10% is an oft-repeated one, and worth striving for. But going from 1% or 2% to 10% is a big leap, and again, not what we’re asking for. If 10% is your goal (be it after tax income, last year’s AGI, however you want to calculate that number), take one step forward towards that goal. Give one percent more. Instead of 2% of your income, give 3%. Next year, you might be able to afford 4%. It lets us all give as we are able. And for those of you already giving that 10%, thank you!

You can email your pledge for 2018 to Tim Cromer.