Adult Education/Spiritual Formation

The following classes are offered for adults every Sunday morning from 9:00 to 10:00 am. Visitors and new members are welcome in each class as we encourage ALL Eastwood members to become involved in Christian Education and spiritual development and formation.

For additional fellowship opportunities outside of Sunday morning visit Fellowship and Membership Nurture.

Serenity Sisters

This group is women of all ages who explore spirituality, personal call & relationship with God and integrating one’s faith in daily living. Serenity sisters are also involved in outside activities such as church related projects and charity events. We practice confidentiality, non-judgment and support. Serenity Sisters meet in the Conference Room, aka “Patti’s Room.”

Service/Friendship Bible Class

This class is ECC’s other longest running class. The beginning devotional period is taken from the scripture text for the day. The lessons are part of The Present Word series. The class meets in the Library on the first floor of the Education Building.

Unity Bible Class

Class membership is composed of men and women of all ages. The study material is taken from the Gospels or Epistles with an “Andy of Mayberry” break upon completion of each book. This class is a discussion – based class. It meets on the second floor of the Education Building. For more information, contact Bob Frech, class facilitator, at 859-9508.

We also have two sessions of Kerygma:  Discovering the Bible, a 30-week journey through the scriptures.


Here is a list of Pastor Jay’s favorite  RECOMMENDED READINGS

Here is Pastor Jay’s Anti-Racism Book List: